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Hi, I’m Tara. I am a registered dietitian. I offer FREE 15 minute initial consultations and online nutrition classes and counseling. I apply evidence based nutrition approaches to help you overcome fertility challenges and prepare your body for a successful pregnancy. What you eat provides the fuel for every dividing cell, and never is there a more important time in life to eat well than when trying to conceive and during the 9 months that you carry your baby.

I am very lucky to have a happy healthy daughter that I conceived with little effort. Trying for a second child was not as easy, and like many of you, I have known the struggle of infertility. I was shocked when I first held the referral form with the diagnosis “secondary infertility” scrawled on it, as I headed out of my obstetrician’s office to book my hsg. I never thought I would experience the roller coaster of hope and disappointment month after month, yet I did.

Now, at forty-one, and with my daughter turning five, I am pregnant with my second child.  I have always loved working with women, especially in pregnancy, and my own struggle lead me to want to share my knowledge and skills with women who are trying to conceive or are struggling with infertility.

I am registered in good standing with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and I come to this practice with 9 years of experience.  I am a realistic dietitian who is committed to helping my clients find practical, easy, whole food nutrition strategies that maximize their reproductive health. You can count on me to create a plan that fits with your lifestyle and with your personal food philosophy. Eating should never be a chore. It should always bring pleasure.

How does it work?

All nutrition services are offered online, so you remain in the comfort of your home or office, and we meet at a time that is convenient to you. I like to use a platform called “zoom” because it provides consistently good audio and visual quality but we can also meet by Skype (learn more about Skype here) or by Face Time (learn more about Face Time here) or over the phone. It’s up to you.

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation.  This gives us a chance to meet, for you to tell me a bit about what is going on in your life, and for you to decide if you think I am the right practitioner for you.

If you want to continue to work with me, you purchase one of the packages, and we book you an initial appointment. At your first appointment we will make a plan for you to improve your nutrition and then we meet weekly or every couple of weeks to put the plan into action, one small step at a time.

Life gets hectic! If at any time you want to discontinue working with Conceive Fertility Dietitian Services, you can receive a refund for any sessions you haven’t used.

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