Unexplained infertility might be the most difficult infertility diagnosis. You aren’t getting pregnant, and no one is able to tell you why. Just as frustrating is the lack of concrete evidence for what can help. In both men and women, a complex system of  hormones, cell division and differentiation, and organs must all be functioning properly to allow for conception. 

Dietary changes to improve overall health may or may not help you conceive, but they can help you cope with stress, have more energy, and feel good about yourself. Working together, we leave no stone unturned. We dig deep into the way you eat, and set you up with a nutrient rich diet that will support conception and a healthy pregnancy. 

Will optimizing your diet help you get pregnant? Maybe. Is it good for you anyway? You bet!

Nutrients do play a role in all of the complex interactions that take place leading up to conception, and they are an integral part of building a healthy baby, so only good can come of improving your diet.

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation, or book one of our counseling packages to make sure your diet is supporting your fertility.

Work with Tara to ensure that your diet:

  • Promotes optimal hormonal balance
  • Includes plenty of dietary antioxidants to protect the integrity of the egg
  • Is rich in agents that help circulation
  • Is rich in anti-inflammatory foods
  • Includes plenty of foods that support a healthy pregnancy

We’ll also explore supplements that can support your reproductive health.

Each week we review your personalized plan, and make changes to it based on what works best for you. Each week you learn more about nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, and each week we practice the changes from the weeks before, and make a few new changes.

Life gets hectic. If at any time you want to discontinue working with us, we will provide a full refund for the sessions you haven’t used.

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