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Unfortunately, little is known about why some women can conceive into their forties, and others can’t. Poor egg quality or diminished ovarian reserve are often cited as reasons for infertility but so far, there is very little science telling us which factors can improve ovarian reserve and egg quality .

In the complementary medicine field, there are beliefs that inflammation and reduced blood flow to the ovaries can hamper the quality of the eggs and the ovulation process. There are effective nutrition strategies to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. There can also be other deficiencies or excesses in your diet that could be causing hormonal imbalances, or stress on your body, thereby preventing the pregnancy that you want.

Eliminating hormone disrupting chemicals from your diet, attaining a healthy weight, and powering up your diet with a variety of anti-inflammatory nutrient packed foods that promote good circulation may help you conceive. These dietary changes will also help you cope with stress, have more energy, and feel good about yourself.

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Work with Tara to ensure that your diet:

  • Promotes optimal hormonal balance
  • Includes plenty of dietary antioxidants to protect the integrity of the egg
  • Is rich in agents that help circulation
  • Is rich in anti-inflammatory foods
  • Includes plenty of foods that provide specific nutrients needed for cell division, oogenesis, and a healthy pregnancy

We’ll also explore supplements that can support your reproductive health.

Does this seem daunting to you? Don’t worry. It won’t be. We work together to tweak your diet to increase your fertility, and we talk about real food….like blueberries, spinach, rice, nuts….not science.

Each week we review your personalized plan, and make changes to it based on what works best for you. Each week you learn more about nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, and each week we practice the changes from the weeks before, and take on a few new changes.

Life gets hectic. If at any time you want to discontinue working with us, we will provide a full refund for the sessions you haven’t used.

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