4 Week PCOS Nutrition Course for women with PCOS who want to lose weight, ovulate, and manage their PCOS for a lifetime

4 Week PCOS Nutrition Class

Do you want to manage your cravings, reach and maintain a healthy weight for you, ovulate regularly, and feel in control of your PCOS?

Join other women with PCOS in four interactive group sessions designed to help you lose weight and improve your fertility while giving you the knowledge and skills to manage your PCOS for a lifetime.

Did you know:

  • The food you eat directly affects your hormones; changing your diet can help you ovulate and have regular periods
  • Insulin is a growth hormone that can make you gain weight and store fat. Learn to manage it, and you can curb the weight gain and start to lose weight
  • A high protein diet has been shown to help women with PCOS lose more weight
  • A healthy diet and the right nutritional supplements can be as effective as medical intervention for PCOS

This program has been designed by and is delivered by me, Tara, a registered dietitian. You will learn all about PCOS and diet and why hyperinsulemia can make weight loss so difficult for women with PCOS. Come prepared to make changes to the way you eat and the way you understand food. Come willing to get in touch with your feelings about food and about your weight, and most of all, come ready to learn to live a healthy vibrant life with PCOS that includes ovulation and regular periods.

In our four weeks together, you can expect to lose 3-5% of your body weight without feeling hungry and deprived, and establish habits that will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight for you.  Through weekly 1.5 hour learning sessions, we start the journey of change with a 2 week meal plan and then we spend the second 2 weeks planning our own meals, sharing what’s working and what’s not, and learning about life long healthy eating habits. Sessions are recorded so that if you miss one, you don’t miss out of the information, and you can access the recorded sessions whenever you want.

The meal plans are healthy and nourishing but simple enough so that those with little cooking experience can participate without feeling overwhelmed.


Next session will be offered Thursday evenings in April, starting April 7th, and ending on April 28th.

When: The sessions are held weekly, on Thursdays, at 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. (That’s 6:30 pm Mountain Standard Time, 7:30 pm Central Standard Time, and 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time)

Where: From your home, or another comfortable quiet location.

Who: You and up to 9 other women with PCOS.

What You Need: You will need a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet, with video capability, and a microphone.

Cost: $200  gives you 4 sessions with a registered dietitian. The sessions are an hour and a half long and include time for discussion and questions. You will also receive a two week meal plan.

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Do you have extended health benefits? If your extended health benefits cover services of a registered dietitian, you can claim this expense.

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Week 1: Intro to a healthy PCOS diet

  • We start with a meal plan that eliminates added sugar and refined grains from the diet, and boosts protein and vegetable intake.
  • We explore the basics of a healthy diet for PCOS.
  • We examine your personal food environment and get you prepped for success.

Week 2: How food affects your hormones

  • We learn about insulin and PCOS and why if you can manage your insulin levels, you can manage your cravings and your weight, and you can improve your fertility
  • We focus on simple strategies to manage your insulin levels such as meal composition, portion sizes, and meal timing, and how to get them right
  • We learn about nutrition supplements for PCOS -the research and the statistics and why you might consider taking some supplements

Week 3: Carefully choose your carbohydrates for weight loss and improved fertility

  • We learn everything you need to know about the glycemic index and glycemic load
  • We talk about how to read labels and make good choices at the grocery store
  • We focus on weekly prep and  planning to eat tasty protein and vegetable based meals, and power packed snacks

Week 4: Maintaining healthy eating for life

  • We hone in on protein and fat choices and why they matter
  • We review key strategies for meal composition to manage insulin
  • We tackle the sticky topic of sweets and how to manage them so that they won’t sabotage your healthy eating plan
  • We talk about real life challenges, time saving tips, and what to order when you need to eat out
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